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The Never Ending Story

A Co-operative Creative Writing Project

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The Never Ending Story

Welcome to the Never Ending Story community, home of the co-operative, or "tag team", creative writing project.

The concept of a Never Ending Story is that a small group of writers with similar tastes and skills get together and effectively write a fictional story "on the fly". The writers take turns adding parts to the story, hence no one person knows where the story is heading or how it will end. It could almost be likened to a freeform PBLJ (Play By LiveJournal) RPG, except that there is no Game Master, no ruleset, and no "quest" or goal of any sort - just a number of characters being led in whichever direction their writers choose to take them.

At the beginning of each story, half a dozen or so authors are chosen, and a genre and setting are agreed upon. Then each author creates a character which they will primarily "control" throughout the course of the story. Any writer can include any other writer's characters in their parts of the story, but they have a certain level of creative control over their own character - only the owner of a character can make plot critical decisions, such as killing off their character, for example.

The interesting part is that each time you come to add to the story, other authors have progressed the plot in their own way, and the challenge is to stay in character and keep the storyline moving, and still make for an entertaining story!

Each update is moderated to make sure that a writer doesn't rampantly try to destroy the story by doing something irreparably crazy, like going on a killing spree. Eventually a conclusion may be reached if all writers agree that the storyline has nowhere else to go, but otherwise the story just keeps on writing itself as people post their updates - essentially, a Never Ending Story!

The first LJ NES is under way now, but new writers are still welcome at this point, so check out the story so far and if you like what you see and would like to get in on it, click on 'Memories' and the 'join' keyword to read the entry with the signup details in it!

I look forward to writing with you!

- Vaelor

(This community has nothing to do with the "NeverEnding Story" book or movie series, and we are in no way affiliated with Michael Ende, Puffin Publishing, or Warner Studios. If you came here looking for a community about this fantastic book or movie, please try the nvr_ending_stry community!