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Never Ending Story - Now Taking Writer Applications!


Okay. The first LJ NES is now taking entries for writers. If you are interested in participating, please email Vaelor with the following information:-

- Your LJ username
- Your full real name (will not be published anywhere onsite if you prefer)
- Your email address
- Some info about your writing background, interests, and preferred genres
- Why you are interested in participating in the LJ NES
- Any other information about yourself you'd like to let us know

If your application is accepted, you will be given membership and posting access the NES community. Once we have enough writers to begin a story, everybody will sit down and choose a genre, theme and setting for the story. Once this has been agreed upon, each writer will submit a character profile explaining the main character they are going to introduce to the story. Your character profile will look something like this:-

LJ Username:- joewriter

Character Name: Henry Arnold

Character Gender: Male

Character Age: 47

Character Description: Henry is 5'9", heavyset, with short greying hair and brown eyes. He wears spectacles and has a bushy grey beard. He is a retired private investigator who enjoys reading Tolstoy and watching Baywatch reruns.

Personality Traits/Quirks: Henry is a suspicious, short tempered man, quick to anger but likely to back down in a direct confrontation. He is as blind as a bat without his glasses, and is slightly deaf in his right ear. He is an avid right-wing activist however, and has been known to have very heated political debates with anybody who is unlucky enough to bring up the subject. He chainsmokes Lucky Strike cigarettes and drinks cheap whiskey.

When all writers have been authorised and their character profiles have been submitted and approved, I will post the opening entry, and the story will begin! Writers are free to post in any order they choose - there is no turn taking, as this would cause extended holdups to the story if one writer can't/doesn't log in for a while. However it is preferred that no writer posts twice in a row - please wait for at least one other writer to update before you continue.

So, without further ado, please email me to join up and let's get a story happening folks!


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