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Never Ending Story - Rules and Guidelines


Welcome to the Never Ending Story - A Co-operative Creative Writing Project

Rules and Guidelines are as follows:-

1. The community administrator and moderator is vaelor. His word is law. If any member/writer blatantly breaks the rules here, he will be the guy who blocks your writing priveledges temporarily, or in obscene cases, bans you from the community.

2. The writing team will consist of approximately half a dozen (6) writers, give or take, per story. Each writer will create, and (pending review and approval of their character) have primary control over that character in the story.

3. Writers may incorporate any aspect of the story into their updates, including interaction with other characters, but may not make significant plot changes involving another writer's character. For example, writer Johnny, whose character is William Fallstar, may write an update including writer Sarah's character, Nyri Wolfbane. It would be quite acceptable to write "William and Nyri sat down at the bar and discussed their next plan of attack.", but it would not be acceptable to write "William came up behind Nyri and shot her in the back of the head with his pistol, laughing as she fell to the ground, dead.".

4. Writers must always follow a feasible and realistic update to the story. If the story is a medieval fantasy setting, and the characters are about to enter a battle, Johnny might write "William, consumed with bloodlust, charged into the fray, heedless of what personal harm he might incur!". He may NOT write "William took a turbo plasma rifle from his backpack and fired into the fray, reducing the enemy army to a puddle of bio-organic goo!".

5. If a character is to have any defining personality traits or unusual abilities or powers, these need to be stated in the character profile submitted before the story begins, and can not be sprung by surprise mid-story. If William Fallstar is actually a werewolf, say so upfront and then introduce it into the story when you see fit, don't just morph and start eating the guests in the middle of a dinner party!

6. Writers may not post a story update that only involves other writer's characters. Pre-introducing a future plot point that doesn't involve any character, ie. "Many miles away, in a dark and gloomy castle unbeknowst to the party, an evil wizard peered into his crystal ball and muttered "Soon, you will be mine, my foolish adventurers!" is fine, but any updates directly influencing the current storyline must include the writer's own character in some way.

7. Writers must respect the character profiles of other writer's characters when including them in their updates. If Nyri Wolfbane was created by Sarah to be a shy, quiet, reclusive girl, Johnny can not say in his update "Nyri grabbed William by the front of his shirt and dragged him into a passionate kiss, growling 'Take me, you sexy man!'." If you don't yet fully understand another character's personality, avoid including them too much in your updates until you do, or contact that character's writer and try to learn more about the character first.

8. NO FLAMING OR REVENGE WARS. If another writer does something with your character that doesn't break any rules but annoys you anyway, back out of it in a creative way within the story and then politely ask the offending writer privately to avoid doing so again. If there are any disputes that can't be settled amicably and are starting to ruin the story, please contact vaelor and one or both writers will be reprimanded accordingly.

9. Please keep each update to a reasonable length - at least one paragraph, and no more than a dozen or so. No one-liners, and no fifteen page updates please!

10. And above all, HAVE FUN! Co-operative writing can be a really enjoyable experience if everybody participating can behave themselves and get along, so let's get this on the road! And please keep an eye on this post from time to time, as new information may be added as required.


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