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Character Profile - Max Capote


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Character Name: Max Capote

Character Gender: Male

Character Age: 28

Character Description: For most of his life, Max has lived under the pressure of being "the boy most likely", despite the fact that no-one ever seemed to state what he was most likely to do.  Constant pressure and expectation from a widower father who raised his only son to succeed has left tell tale pressure marks on his psyche.  After a bad run in his second year of university, he dropped out of university and went missing in a cross country binge of petty crime and hustling. Gifted with a near photographic memory, a head for numbers and limited tolerance for other people, he found an ideal conversion of his talent into gambling and confidence tricks. 

The eyes are blue, and frequently blood shot from long nights of online poker games.  His short black hair is cut to the non-descript current fashion, and his clothing makes him blend to the crowd.  Average height, an unmemorable face and a quiet demeanour away from the poker table makes him hard to pick in a crowd, unless you spot the playing card being nervously toyed with in his hands.  Surprisingly, underneath the plain clothing is a relatively well built body, the result of pent up frustrations and easy access to boxing equipment.

He has served some time in the military in the logistics division, habitually helping himself to the soldiers weekly wages with his card skills. Never the most popular of people around, he learnt to take care of himself in a fair fight, and make himself hard to find in an unfair one.  Since leaving the services, he spends most of his life playing cards for money.

Personality Traits/Quirks: Although flamboyant and extrovert at a poker game, he's generally reserved and withdrawn, and spends as much time as possible making himself blend with his environment..  Take the cards out his hands, and he's generally lost for something to do.  As a result, he tends to keep one or two packs of cards around the place, and will idle his spare time away practicing stage magician card tricks or new forms of shuffling cards.


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