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Character Profile - Byron Sanderson


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Character Name: Byron Sanderson

Character Gender: Male

Character Age: 24

Character Description: Byron's family moved to the 'Big City' almost 10 years ago leaving his simple rural life behind him. He had always regretted moving, he didn't like the cars, smog, people or the way the city smelled but, he had little choice in the matter. He would often find his thoughts slipping away to the country and back to his home. He longed to go back there though he knew it would never be viable, his life in the city was just too important. Byron is a songwriter, a talented songwriter to boot. He spends most of his days writing songs and performing small gigs through the walls of smoke in the local bars. He has tried writing in to record companies in order to get his work noticed, but this only causes another letter to fill his over stacked box of rejection slips. Still, his hobby keeps a roof over his head and food in the larder. His shocking jet black hair is never combed through properly, he leaves it sitting just above he broad shoulders in a scruffy tangled mess that somehow seems to compliment his sincere olive skinned features. His electric green eyes embed compassion and warmth into the coldest shadows of callous hearts. He dresses in a long, dark black PVC coat that barely misses the ground as his feet drag along the concrete. His dark red heavy wool polo necked jumper clings to his slender figure. He wears black heavy jeans that crease around his ankles over his Doc Martens boots. Flecks of dirt are scattered up the side of his jeans as if he has been splashing through puddles for most of the day and hasn't yet learned how to use his washing machine. He never wears a watch, but swears he can tell the time from the position of the sun, he calls it 'An old country trick he learnt from his youth'.

Personality Traits/Quirks: Byron is a daydreamer. His head is often above the clouds, inspired by anything and everything. Byron has also been termed as a hopeless romantic. Almost daily he finds a new love in his life, someone who would whisk him away, until he sets eyes on his next muse. He can be somewhat overly sensitive to situations, and in others seem cold hearted and callous. He lives between the pages of his Journal and songbook, he carries them with him everywhere in a worn buckled leather satchel. His prized possession, nothing could come between him and that bag. Byron has a tendency to be argumentative, debating everything and anything he can. He always believes he knows best in all situations and although many times he is right, he can also be stubbornly wrong. In summary, his basic personality is like a running tap, one moment he is hot, the next he is cold. The problem is, finding the happy medium.


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