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Character Profile - Jonathan Kinkade


LJ Username:-

Character Name: Jonathan Kinkade

Character Gender: Male

Character Age: 31

Character Description: Jonathan stands at 6'4" and has the build of a weightlifter that looks to tone, not beef-up.  He has a thin black beard with semi-short hair (long enough to get messy in the morning).  He has steely blue eyes that have quite the peircing gaze.  He was a former bounty hunter/hired hitman that is just trying his hardest to get away from that lifestyle.  He's constantly on the move, never giving his former employers the ability to find him.  Very intelligent without a college degree, he's spent half of his adult life reading every kind of reference book imaginable.  If he went to school, he would have a doctorate in human psychology and human anatomy.  His favorite thing to do is help people.  Financially secure way beyond what he needs, his travels from po-dunct town to po-dunct town helping the Sheriffs office or backing the gas station that had to close down or even giving out meals to homeless people.  His love is his car, a 1985 SS, super-charged, that he spent alot of time and money customizing it to perfect comfort.  Nice silver paint job and very impressive sound-system.  As much as wants to forget everything he knows of the art of death, I still wouldn't cross him.

Personality Traits/Quirks: Jonny-Boy tries as hard as possible to let things slide, but little things really get under his skin and can get him in a VERY grumpy mood.  Helpful almost to the point where it hurts, Jonathan does what he can for others. Great sense of humor though.  Has given up the fight of tobacco and smokes Marlboro Ultra Lights like a fiend, espically whilst driving.  Sucks down Dr. Pepper like it's the essence of life.


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