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Character Profile - Joe Cross


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Character Name: Joe Cross

Character Gender: Male

Character Age: 31

Character Description: Born and raised in a "medium" town - without the fast-paced success of a big city, nor the old-fashioned values of the country - Joe Cross is a grease monkey at the local gas station/auto shop, and doesn't really expect to ever be anything else. Having turned 30 last year, Joe has resigned himself to the comfortable niche (he hates the term "rut") that a steady paycheck and a bachelor's life provides. Standing six feet even in boots, and with the solid but untoned build of a man who works hard at his trade but doesn't exercise or eat well, with scruffy short brown hair and a permanent five o'clock shadow, anybody can see that while not exactly a slob, personal grooming isn't his highest priority.

Personality Traits/Quirks: Joe has a tendency towards a defeatist attitude, a by-product of working the same job for fifteen years, living in a dead end average town, and having never held a steady relationship for more than four or five months. He's never made much of his life, and having never really known anything else, has come to accept it as the way life is, without being depressed about it, nor striving for anything more out of life. Temper wise, Joe has a fairly long fuse, but when he snaps, he snaps hard, especially after a few drinks. A few years ago he earned himself a little community service for taking a broken bottle to a guy in a barfight. Since then, he's tended to keep his cool, since another scuffle could get him jail time, but he knows all too well that other people don't always back off just because you don't want to fight. Besides that however, Joe is an easygoing, simple, likeable guy, a man of simple pleasures and modest hopes, who just takes one day at a time.


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