Vaelor (vaelor) wrote in never_end_story,

Never Ending Story - Status Update


Alrighty. Looks like this is happening after all. We have four definite writers now - stephendann, deadlikeme83, wondjina, and myself. A few short of the 6 to 8 I was hoping for ideally, but enough to get started, and maybe with luck once we get rolling we might pick up some strays along the way. =)

Now, at this point, the original plan was to get some feedback on what genre/setting people would like to see the story set in, and put the options to a nice democratic vote, but since it's just the four of us, and considering I personally am getting bored of the same old trite fantasy crap, I was hoping for something more towards a modern contemporary fiction this time around, and I know already that deadlikeme83 is keen on that idea. So unless either of the other writers specifically don't want to go with this style for this first story, I think we'll go ahead with that. You guys email me and let me know if this is a problem, okay?

That said, as soon as wondjina has actually joined the community (let me know if you're having trouble joining!), and assuming nobody has an objection to the genre, we'll be ready to take character profiles, based on the format described in this entry, and once everybody has a character approved, we can get started!

Anyways, as usual, any questions, email me, otherwise let's get this thing moving!


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